What If You Had To Start Over?

If you are new to blogging, this will also help you. But the target of this post is more to the person who has been writing and writing and has finally burned out – or worse – lost all of their content because of a problem with their hosting, a virus, or a combination of factors.

Having a wildly popular blog is a rush! It is something that makes you jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and write until late at night. At least in the beginning.

When you have done this for 5 or 6 years, you may find that you are starting to wonder what is next. Or, you find that you need help with the writing, because you are being pulled in other directions in your life. For me, it was my family. My parents became ill and passed away in a span of three years, with my father going two years before my mother. It was difficult and my focus was on them and not my writing. I am not going to rehash the whole story, you can read about it in my previous post.

In the beginning, it was my wife and I writing the majority of the content. Once we became immersed in dealing with the aftermath of the loss of my parents, my wife began to spend more time with her grandchildren, as this difficult period taught us both that we should enjoy the little ones before they become adults and head off in their own directions.

One of my blogs, BlogTalkFootball.com, was one of my passions, but writing about 32 different football teams was too much, and I was trying to hire authors to write about specific teams. The problem was finding people who could post reliably without having to be motivated, and of course, having the ability to pay them. With a popular website, you can easily earn money from recommendations, advertising, or even just Adsense code placed on your website. The trick is to deliver the content to make the blog popular.

So over time, I found myself having less desire to write posts every day. So that blog deteriorated. Soon a few other blogs lost my interest. After a while, I had found that the majority of my blogs needed updates or that the hosting had lapsed on them because I had changed credit cards and forgotten to update my payment details.

A few years ago, that would not have been a problem, as I would have been checking those blogs weekly, if not daily. But recently, I was looking over the domain names that I have (hundreds of them) and realized that some of them were no longer up. I went to the hosting company and found out that the hosting had lapsed over a year ago… that shocked me into action. But the hosting companies do not keep backups of sites that have been terminated due to nonpayment after a few months. So now I had to start over.

The good thing for you is that I am going to document my steps to start over on a few of my blogs here on BloggingWithMicheal.com/blog. The best place to stay up to date with my progress is on the Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/BlogggingWithMicheal

Welcome Back…

If you are reading this, you have visited this site hoping to see who this Micheal is that you are blogging with. The problem is that I haven’t posted here in a long darn time. Even longer is the time frame since my last podcast. Let me fill you in and catch you up.

My name is Micheal Savoie, and I was a successful podcaster and blogger well into 2013. But early in 2012, I learned that my father was dying of lung cancer. It was a difficult time, and I spent a lot more time with my mom and dad than I did on my blogging. My dad, being the organized guy that he always was, wanted to make things as easy for my mom as possible, so he had me help him clear out the attic, get rid of stuff he knew my mom would never use, and basically tidy up a lot of loose ends.

I wouldn’t trade that time with my dad, because we did get a lot closer than we had been for all of my life. My blogging income suffered, but it was still enough to keep the bills paid. I still emailed offers to my list, and I was still earning, but it was not at the levels I had been earning up until that time. I still continued podcasting, but my heart was not in it as much.

Then my father lost his battle with cancer in February of 2013, and I spent more time with my mother, who tried to be strong, but it was obvious to us that she had lost her will to live. In fact, almost 2 years (three weeks shy of 2 years) later, my mom passed away to a recurrence of her cancer. Her death was a lot harder on me than my dad’s, because we were ready for his, while my mom did not look sick until a few months before cancer took her. Her only complaint was a pain in her abdomen, about 10 months before.

Again, had I continued blogging and podcasting regularly, I probably could have kept up a good level of income from my blogs, but I had too many, and it was becoming difficult to discipline myself to write a few posts at a time. But life goes on and I found that I could trade stocks and options from home and not have to sit and write for long periods of time. So that explains my absence from these pages.

Podcasting, on the other hand, was something I really enjoyed, yet I kept finding excuses for not doing it. Too much background noise in our new house, fear of not knowing what to say, etc. Soon, I was not even thinking about it. But it is still something I love to do, so here I am.

I enjoy my stock trading, so maybe I will do a podcast on things I see in my daily trade research. I am using some pretty good software for doing research and calculating profits, and I think I could help people who are looking to trade on their own (without actually recommending actual trades, since you should talk to your broker about investing in particular stocks and options).

I still need to write, though, because I feel much better after I spend an hour writing. The challenge is to remember to spend that hour writing. The therapeutic value of getting things off your chest is proven. That is why so many successful people journal. My blogs are my journal.

So I plan on starting here and then branching out to other blogs as my confidence and proficiency increase. As always, your comments are encouraged (spam, on the other hand, is not…lol).

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success – Pace Yourself

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success Without Jumping Through Hoops

Part 3

In the last installment of 3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success, we took advantage of video sharing sites as well as article sharing sites. This allows writers to reach more readers using more than one venue. You are not limited to videos, though, you can also use audio of you reading the article and submit it to audio sharing sites or even make a podcast out of it. But once you have this content ready to submit, you need to pace yourself when submitting!

Submission of your articles should not be done all at one time. Whether you write articles daily, weekly or monthly, your article submissions should be spread out over a span of at least a week. Nothing alerts the search engines that you are trying to game the system more than 100 article and video submissions coming out on the same day. Search engines like it when submissions are done over time – it looks more natural. Submitting one article to 4 sites each day is a much better way to get your articles and your website more readers.

To sum it all up, you should be giving your readers a lot of value with quality content, in small chunks, over a period of time. With more content, your readers will have more to share and follow. Making videos of your content will also give a whole new audience a chance to find out about you. Once you have your content published, submitting the content should be gradual to give your content a more natural presencce on the web instead of appearing all at once. When you put all three of these tips into action, your content will find itself in front of the people who are looking for it.

I used to be consumed with trying to be the person everyone saw when they wanted to know about something, but I soon learned that life is more important than sitting at a computer all day. Sure, we need to make a living and helping people is a great way to do that. But being there for family members is more important. Always remember that in your writing and videos.

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success – Video Sites

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success Without Jumping Through Hoops

Part 2

In the previous installment of 3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success, we discussed making a lot of quality articles, rather than going for a load of crap. Think of it as making your name (brand) by giving high quality nuggets that your readers will enjoy and feel good about sharing. You can keep them short and concise to give information that readers can take action on and experience success.

Once you have this quality content posted on your website, you can submit it to article sites to put those nuggets all over the web. But simply submitting your articles to article sites may not be enough. With the sheer volume of article submissions hitting the sharing sites daily, content is still struggling to be seen by the people who are looking for it. But don’t despair, we have the plan!

Turn some of your articles into videos and submit those to video sharing sites. This can be done in many ways, some are easy and some will cost you money to do. A video created from an article does not have to be a word for word recital of your article. The video can be the equivalent of one main point from your article. A good way to do that is to create a PowerPoint presentation of the main point and a few of the supporting points. PowerPoint presentations can have a soundtrack that you can record and they can be saved as a video file. If you want to create videos from your articles automatically, you can use a service like Article-Video-Robot.com for a small fee. No matter how you do it, you want to create at least one video per week if you write more than one article per week. Make sure you submit your videos to video sharing sites like YouTube and on Social Media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

In the next installment, we’ll discuss how to avoid having your content viewed as spam by the search engines!

Manually submitting these articles and videos may seem like tedious work, but in reality, if you are passionate about your subject matter, this is a labor of love. As experience has taught me, making content that people are interested in is more important to me than content that search engine robots are interested in.  

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success – Quality and Quantity

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success

3 Ways To Improve Your Article Submission Success Without Jumping Through Hoops

When blogging, your articles or blog posts need more than just posting on your blog to get you traffic. Blogs are supposed to be a really powerful way to get your content out to the web, but with thousands of new blog posts being written every minute, your post is likely to be lost in the web among all the other articles out there. If you submit your articles to different sharing sites, you are more likely to show up in search results for the keywords you are targeting. I’ve put together a few pointers on improving your success in article submission. Rather than give them all to you in one sitting, I thought I would break it up into one post each.

The quality of your articles will increase the effectiveness of your submissions. If you write crap, your results will be crap. It is as simple as taking the time to give your readers as much value as you possibly can in each sentence you write. The more your readers get from your content, the more likely they will follow you wherever you lead them. Give a lot of actionable content, because if a reader takes action on your content and is successful, they will rave about you.

With that said, increasing the number of articles submitted will increase the number of visitors that come to your website. Submitting one article hundreds of times is not the same as submitting a hundred articles one time. The more articles you are associated with, the more traction your name and website will get in the search engines. As people get to know you and your content, they will be more likely to respond to your new content.

In the next installment, we’ll discuss how to take advantage of multiple submission genres so that you reach more eyeballs on your content and your website!

While you may find a lot of software on the market to automate the submission process, it has been my experience that manual submission of your content is preferred by the robots… how ironic.

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You can add one, two or even four buttons to the bottom of the video asking them a question, taking them to different solutions to their problem or inquiry!


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Happy Easter Software Bundle

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I won’t waste your time with a lot of information that you will see on the sales page.

This is an amazing value if you are an online marketer:


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What Do I Recommend?

Yesterday saw the launches of two interestingly diverse products for the online marketer. One is designed for marketers who want to earn money selling Amazon products as an affiliate or a product seller. The other is designed for anyone who wants to create white board videos.

TTS Sketch Maker is a video creation tool that allows you to create white board sketch videos. I had an early version of the software that I used to create the following video:

As you can hear from the voice, TTS Sketch Maker gives you powerful text to speech capabilities. This is useful when you want to make videos for affiliate products. I like the fact that I can make a video from concept to finished product in a few minutes instead of hours (waiting for a voiceover artist to get back to me).

I purposely did not promote this yesterday, because it does have a couple of drawbacks (minor ones). First, I have gotten used to Explaindio. If Explaindio has TTS capabilities, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But even if I would use Explaindio over TTS Sketch, I can see scenarios where I would create my soundtrack with TTS and then import it into Explaindio. But I digress. That is one of the problems with owning too many software products (is it really a problem?).

TTS is still very useful and it does what it says it is going to do. Jimmy Mancini really supports his products, so if you buy this and find a bug, just open a support ticket and he will update the software. Simple as that.

If you need sketch videos with voice, grab TTS Sketch Maker while the price is still low:


Amazon Affiliates and Sellers…

What if I could show you a suite of tools that allows you to research niches, create lists of keywords, create lists of products to promote and find reviews to use for your promotions? And what if I told you that when you purchased that suite of tools, you would have access to training for affiliates and training for sellers?

Amasuite 4 is the culmination of the programming expertise of Dave Guindon and the Amazon Affiliate and Seller expertise of Chris Guthrie. It is a suite of 4 software tools that dig deep into the depths of the Amazon product database to bring you the tools you need to uncover the products you should be promoting to earn the biggest bang for your promotional buck. One tool allows you to find the buying keywords that you should be targeting in your promotions. Another tool helps you find the top 100 products in any category. Another tool lets you dig into more products and analyze them every which way until you have the listing of exactly which products you want to promote. The last tool will help you find reviews for each product that you can use to target exactly the right customer for your promotions. Together, you can use these tools to create blog promotions that will make your affiliate commissions soar. And if you want to sell physical products on Amazon, you can use these tools to analyze the competition and make your product better by addressing the concerns of the people who complained about the product.

The training is focused on either affiliate marketing or product selling, depending on your preference. So if you are already an affiliate and want to dive into selling physical products, then you can go through the training and start selling! That is what I am doing. (I actually bought this product and ALL the upsells because I want to take my affiliate marketing to new heights and diversify into physical products).

Now, this is not cheap. The software suite can help you double your current affiliate earnings (I was using version 3 and it more than doubled my sales over the last year – and that was without the training). If you take advantage of the training as well, you are looking to take that up a few more notches. Take a look at it here:


Watch the video. Dave is great at revealing how he uses these programs as he demonstrates them. I learned a few tricks as he was doing the demos. The cool part is that you can actually pick up some affiliate marketing tips just by watching the video (even if you never purchase the software).

My Recommendation?

I recommend Amasuite 4 over TTS Sketch Maker if you are serious about affiliate marketing or plan on taking your business into physical product sales on Amazon. The training and software gives you everything you need to succeed (short of doing the work for you). You can always get video software later to create videos to sell your products.

In fact, I am using Article Video Robot to create review videos for the products I am targeting. They have a really powerful tool that allows you to paste the link to an Amazon review and it creates a video from that review. I created two yesterday while watching hockey. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on an AVR account, then TTS Sketch Maker is a much less expensive alternative.

Here are the links to each of these programs if you decide to grab them:

To your marketing success,

Micheal Savoie – Blogging With Micheal 

AmaSuite 4 Ultimate Amazon Training Software


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