Blogging With Micheal 12-2-14

Making money with Amazon is not hard, but it is something you have to put some effort into. A lot of people start an Amazon site and give up when they don’t see any sales after the first month. The people who make $10,000 their first month are the exception rather than the rule. Making money with Amazon requires research, setup, planning and consistency.

In this episode, Micheal discusses how he has gone from making nothing to making a regular income from his Amazon blogs.

Commercials from YouTube

Nike Golf Ultra Polo 2.0As discussed in the episode, you can find trending personalities and post their commercials on your blog along with the product that they are promoting. In this case, any Nike product would qualify.

The goal is to take advantage of what people are talking about and looking for when a topic is trending. Having videos on your blog helps keep people on your site longer and more likely to buy from you. It also reduces your “bounce rate” – how many people leave your site after less than 10 seconds – because more people are watching videos and keeping people on your site longer.

Making Redirects For Your YouTube Videos

Micheal also talks about creating links to place in your videos on YouTube so that if people embed your niche videos, you can still make sales of the product you are promoting.

In the amazon associates dashboard, search for the product, the click on the down arrow on the get link button.


You will see a little box open up like the one below. making-links

Click on the “Shorten URL with” link to turn your link into a self contained tiny URL.


As you can see, the link does not show the code, but your associate ID is embedded in the link.

betterlinksTo use it in your videos, you need to first have set up your YouTube channel to accept associated websites (previous episode of Blogging With Micheal). If you are using a blog on your domain, I recommend installing Better Links (I use the pro version, but the basic is free and still very powerful). Once Better Links is installed on your blog, you go to Add New in the Better Links menu.


Just paste your Amazon shortened URL (you can use the long URL, but the shortened one is less prone to copying and pasting errors) in the destination URL field. The name will auto-populate on Amazon links.


Just type in a keyword rich name in the slug section and click the save button and you will have a link that looks like this:

Then you make an annotation on your YouTube video with that link to the product and your video is set to get you sales of the product.

Need some tools to create some pretty cool videos? Head over to Online Video Workshop

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