No, Not Dorian!

I am writing today with a bunch of stuff getting under my skin. No, I don’t have a skin condition. I am just irritated and it is time to vent.

First, a hurricane is coming and the current tracks are showing it arriving just south of where I am currently staying. That means the eye could completely miss me (not a good thing, as the wall of the eye is the highest wind speed) causing all kinds of power outages and wind damage. I went to my nearest Sam’s Club yesterday, assuming the panic mode hadn’t set in yet, to get a case of water and some food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated just in case. When I arrived, I realized that I was a couple days too late. The parking lot was packed, I mean lined up out onto the highway packed. I parked with some trepidation, fearing that everything was going to be empty when I went inside.

Air does not replace water!
This is where you usually find bottled water by the palletfull!

Those fears were soon realized, but I had to wait for the cart guy to bring another load of carts up to the door. Carts were scarce (another bad sign). Inside, the store was filled with gaping holes where products I wanted had been. Having worked at Sam’s Club in the past, I knew how this went. People panic as soon as a tropical depression appears in the Indian Ocean with a computer model showing a possible landfall in the Southern US. So I was about a week too late to get my water. So until the storm actually passes, there will be water shortages in all the stores in a 300 mile radius. Yet when I used to work there, truckloads of water would be unloaded every night and staged in long lines throughout the store, so people didn’t have to wait for someone to bring more out. But it appears that instead of being more proactive like in the past, the company is not prepared for the volume necessary for one of these crises. I mean two years ago we had a very similar situation, and I was able to buy water a few days before the storm arrived. What is different this year?

Yes, we have no bananas!
Yes, we have no bananas!

My other gripe is not as life or death. WordPress has warned me that it is time to upgrade my php. This bothers me, because some of the plugins I have been using for years are going to crash. I can predict it with certainty, because any plugin that does not update often will break when the actual programming language that it uses updates. It is a common rule of programming. If you are relying on a side-effect of the programming language to accomplish a result, that side-effect could be eliminated in a future upgrade. And programmers love using side-effects! So a side effect of upgrading means my links are all going to break! %$^#%&$&#$*@^*$

Pardon my strong language. But I am stressed right now…lol!

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