Are you being seen correctly on all devices?

Search Engines Like Mobile Friendly Blogs

Devices not named PC or Mac are becoming more important to the search engines as the number of people who use smartphones and tablets grows by leaps and bounds! If your website takes too long to load on one of these devices – or (even worse) looks like crap when it does load – you may drop in the rankings.

This can hurt your traffic and sales. If you don’t need traffic, then don’t worry about it. Most of us need traffic, however, so I am going to let you know what you need to do to improve your visibility on mobile devices.

First of all, you need a responsive theme for your blog. Responsive themes are important because they detect and adjust to the size of the screen that is viewing the content. This makes it possible to look good on all devices. This is critical. If you want to test your site, just click here:

I started using Socrates Theme for this blog and my clients’ blogs to make it simple to make sites that are mobile friendly. It is very powerful, yet easy to use. Not only that, but it comes with access to the developer, who is also using this theme and takes it seriously. You want to work with people who are going to keep up with the WordPress updates and the search engine algorithms. Dan Nickerson is one of those guys, and he keeps himself accessible for suggestions and support.

Another option is to host your site on MobiFirst… a platform that is designed for mobile platforms first. I have not tried it out, yet, but my friend Todd Gross is excited to be on there with his sites. Check it out here (Coupon Code to save on the commercial version is “mobifirst”):

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