Taking Time To Figure Out What Happened

This country has been through a lot. And 2020 has given us a heapin’ helpin’ of crap salad for us to digest. And on top of that we have an election coming.

With COVID-19 going out to dinner became a coming home to dinner.

Self quarantine was the word of the day for all of spring, and eating out became takeout or delivery. Businesses not equipped for online marketing are probably going out of business. I feel bad, because I could have helped many of them stay in business by giving them an online presence where people could pay for products and then come pick them up curbside. I should have told people about that.

Next came the George Floyd murder by a group of police officers. If it had not been caught on video and gone viral, would it have just been another black death at the hands of police? I don’t like to get political, but come on people. Color is just that, color. The person is inside, not on the outside, yet we judge from first impressions. I know we can do better.

So before George Floyd can be laid to rest, anarchy erupts in the form or riots in major cities all over the country. How many people need to die before we figure out we are being played by the media to react to everything before we have the facts?

I give up! Bad humans! Get in the corner! 20 years of timeout for you!

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