Are you starting over and need to fix up your blog?

What If You Had To Start Over?

If you are new to blogging, this will also help you. But the target of this post is more to the person who has been writing and writing and has finally burned out – or worse – lost all of their content because of a problem with their hosting, a virus, or a combination of […]

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No, Not Dorian!

I am writing today with a bunch of stuff getting under my skin. No, I don’t have a skin condition. I am just irritated and it is time to vent. First, a hurricane is coming and the current tracks are showing it arriving just south of where I am currently staying. That means the eye […]

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Are you being seen correctly on all devices?

Search Engines Like Mobile Friendly Blogs

Devices not named PC or Mac are becoming more important to the search engines as the number of people who use smartphones and tablets grows by leaps and bounds! If your website takes too long to load on one of these devices – or (even worse) looks like crap when it does load – you […]

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Theme Of The Day?

I have a client who has a very popular membership website that helps people handle stress. It has been doing great and it looks good, even if I do say so myself. Well, I am not the designer, but I was the one who made it look like what the designer wanted. But I had […]

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